Spiritual Portfolio of work

  • Lleu & Modron 2

    The stimulus to creat the sculpture Lleu for example was, to sense the spiritual presence of a vague liner evocative image, in my mind. Then, in my imagination, I began to see metaphorical shapes in the image.

  • Lleu & Modron

    Although spiritual presence cannot be explained rationally, it is part of us whether we realize it or not. I think it is possible to feel spiritual presence without believing in God.

    It is an experience within us, which is quite different from the usual notion found in most chapels and churches of God imagined as being flesh and blood, in a way that is often too literal. I believe that 'the concept of God as a being' seems to kill our ability to imagine and to feel inner spiritual presence in our own existence.

  • Pieta

    This sculpture came into existence when our son Dylan died of a brain tumor. This was the time when I saw a haunting image of the presence of a figure similar to a woman, in my mind. But, in my imagination, the image was not only of a woman but it also resembled a hollow tree bark. I connected the presence of that metaphorical image with my experience of losing Dylan.

    Giving life to the spirit which is evoked in the sculpture was a traumatic experience.

  • Switch On or Off

    The initial stimulus for this sculpture was seeing the presence of a broad vertical line in the mind. But, there was a suggestion of a person's head as well, as if it was meditating there in the imagination. It was also as if it was part of a horizontal line in the mind, and also in the imagination there was a shape like the wings of a bird.

  • Switch On or Off Close Up

    'They are exciting - remarkable, powerful, elegant, with a kind of fluency. They have made a deep impression on me'

    Dr Rowan Williams

  • Presenoldeb / Presence

    The sculpture developed in the usual way, which is seeing a vague presence of an image, then the presence similar to an insubstantial head in my imagination. But it was not a replica of a head. It was also like a bubble, one metaphorical shape in the upper part. Then, in the lower part, I saw the metaphorical shape of hands, or the leaves of a plant, as if they were supporting birds or people. Lower again, I saw a declining shape - as if it was a body falling. Here again they were not things, but evocative symbols or metaphors rising to the surface in the imagination.

  • Golau / Light

    Light by John Meirion Morris

  • Blodeuwedd

    Blodeuwedd by John Meirion Morris

  • Y Groes Wâg / The Empty Cross

    Y Groes Wag by John Meirion Morris

  • Tu Hwnt i Eiriau / Beyond Words

    Tu hwnt i eiriau by John Meirion Morris

  • Ar y Sgwar / On the Sgware

    Ar y Sgwar by John Meirion Morris

  • Llonyddwch / Stillness

    Llonyddwch by John Meirion Morris

  • Y Geni Gwythiol / The Miraculous Birth

  • Y Goeden Adar / The Bird Tree

  • Oddi mewn i Chwi y Mae / It is Within

  • Agor y Gell / Open the Cell

  • Concord

  • Dathiad / Celebration

  • Bendigeidfran

The spiritual vision

Looking back on my sculptures over the years, I now realize that the strongest and most important motivation for me to create a sculpture was receiving a spiritual vision in the mind. Usually, visions come to me like some intuition, when I suddenly see the presence of a nebulous image in my mind, an image that suggests a certain spiritual force. Then, the imagination responds to the spiritual presence of that image, and to other features that can be there, such as legendary, social or political features. The most extraordinary thing is that all these images arise as if from somewhere in my subconscious.

My portfolio

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