John Meirion Morris

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Professional Sculptor
John Meirion Morris


14 March 1936 – 18 September 2020

“Without doubt John Meirion Morris is an important Welsh Sculptor.”

“His work divides into two types. The first of these is his representational work expressed in a series of powerful heads ranging from the poet Gwenallt to another poet Gerallt. These compelling heads, working in the tradition of Rodin and Epstein, show a remarkable empathy and an astonishing mastery of the genre.

The second type is symbolic and archetypal in nature.

This in my view constitutes his most original work. The sculpture, at its best, has a contemporary feel as well as carrying a powerful primordial current. In some contexts the work, like the magnificent Tryweryn piece, has an immediate cultural and political significance.

His work must be among the most challenging being created in Wales at the present time.”

Professor Peter Abbs, University of Sussex

“He is akin to such spiritual artists as Kapoor and Gormley. Religion or rather spirituality can be read into his work….”

Hugh Adams, Art Critic

John Meirion Morris

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